In terms of substance and form, the Guinean passport is of undeniable quality. In ranking, it remains one of the best passports in the world by its quality and security.

Elegant in its presentation and design


The Guinean biometric passport is flawlessly secure. It is made using polycarbonate technology. It carries within it a chip which embeds the information of its holder. The biometric security behind it cannot be breached

What to know

Who produces biometric passports

Louba Services and its partner company IRIS Corporation Berhad, are the only ones able to provide you with the Guinean biometric passport.

Use common sense

  1. Payment for obtaining the passport is made at the bank. Do not give money to an individual for a passport.
  2. Do not negotiate to obtain your passport outside of our offices.
  3. Refrain from negotiating the rapid obtaining of your passport with individuals who are not from our teams. We produce your passport as soon as possible, around two weeks. If you want to speed up obtaining your passport, Louba Services offers you an express service for that.

How to obtain it

Documents to provide

  • Receipt of payment for obtaining passport. This receipt is made only at the bank
  • Birth act
  • Two passport photos (white background)
  • Completed passport application form. (Downloadable in the section below)
  • Residence certificate (Optional)


  • Make a physical presence with your documents in the nearest passport production center (or in your embassy in the case of applicants located abroad)
  • Proceed with your biometric registration. You will be given a receipt indicating the date you will return to collect your passport.
  • Once you have your passport, proceed to the last step which is the handing over in our systems by affixing your fingerprint one last time.

Make the payment on the bank's website by following this link

Passport application form

Download, print and complete the passport application form by hand